Friday, December 30, 2011

Public Holiday Exercise Damage Control Routine

I felt it was appropriate to post up a public holiday workout routine, considering I know most people are going to turn into lazy lounge lizards for the next 3 days... Start your New Year’s resolutions early, get moving on the public holidays! The best thing about this work out is you can do it at the beach, park or in your own home. Burn off the excess alcohol and party food today!

I call this the sweat and shape routine- good luck!

Start with an easy walk for 3min as your warm up then complete the following in blocks :
Cardio - Repeat 3x
High Knee lifts 60sec
Straight leg kicks 60sec
Star jumps 60sec
Recovery 30sec

Conditioning - Repeat 3x
Walking lunges 60sec
Push ups 60sec
Jump squat 60sec
Recovery 30sec

Conditioning - Repeat 3x
Dips 60sec
plank 30sec
Mountain climbers 60sec
Side lunges 60sec
Recovery 30sec

Cool down by walking 3min. Total work out time 50min

Mountain climber

Side lunge

Jump squat

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